Born as Shashi Lachmansingh, 4Tezian (25) grew up in the suburbs of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Escaping from everyday reality in the rough Dutch harbor city, he started playing the keyboard as a young kid, which was his first introduction to music.


Growing up in a broken family, 4Tezian realized that making music was more than just a hobby. It was a passion that he wanted to explore further and ultimately lead up to developing the skills of making his own music. By putting in hard labor and all his efforts he started playing in local Rotterdam clubs over 10 years ago.


As a self-made DJ/Producer he started the logical way: as a warm-up act for the bigger artists. Looking at the big shots, he got even more determined to make it as an artist. Promoters noticed his ways of enthusing the audiences and offered him his first prime time slots. 4Tezian always delivers on stage and thus making him a well sought after club DJ.


His first releases date back from 2007. Songs like Scorpion, Gangsterdam and In My Head marked his first steps into the wonderful world of recorded music. With spins on Radio BBC 1 and several other leading dance music stations, he created a track record before even having his drivers license. Focusing more on being a ghost producer for some of the world’s greatest DJ’s, he chose to ripen himself as a music producer the last few years.


2017 is the year for 4Tezian to make it back into the spotlights. Teaming up with the best in the business, working his ass off, and spending his life’s savings to make the dream come true… Now signed to Interstellar Label, the hottest ticket in town, 4Tezian will release his first smash floor filler “Brain” in July 2017. It’s going to be a very hot summer this year. No doubts about that.